FAD Blog: 5 Tips on How to Achieve the Splits!

Wed, 3 Apr 2013

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5 tips on how to achieve the splits!

Hi All,

I hope you have all been practicing your scorpions from last weeks Blog!! I can’t wait to see some photos of them! Remember to post your photos on the FAD Facebook Page!

This week’s Blog is focusing on our Jazz Dance Classes and we will be working on yours Splits! I will give ‘5 Tips on How to Achieve the Splits’ and then once again give you my favourite dance move or sequence of the week. This week my favourite dance sequence is ‘A double Pirouette into a Right Leg Split.’ Be sure to check out the video below!! Don’t forget week 2’s blog was on Pirouettes so if you need some tips to complete the sequence be sure to check that Blog out!!

 5 Tips on How to Achieve the Splits!

  • 1. Ensure you are warmed up and stretched. You should never practice any flexibility moves unless you have done a warm up and stretch. Try this quick warm up and stretch below to get yourself prepared for the splits!    


*2 mins - Jog on the spot

*20 x Star Jumps

*2 mins – Jog on the spot

*20 x Squats

STRETCH - Hold all the following stretches for around 30 seconds!

*Squat Hold – Place your hands just above your knees with toes turned out to the side. Bend your knees to get to the squat position but make sure you aren’t bending down to low so that your bottom is going below your knees, keep your bottom in line with your knees.

*Straddle Stretch – Sitting down, take your legs out to the side in a straddle position and  keeping your legs straight and toes up to the roof take your chest down to the ground as low as it can go.

*Hamstring Stretch – Sitting down, take your legs out in front of you with your legs straight and feet together. Take your chest down towards your knees and aim to get your nose to touch your knees.

  • 2. Choose which is your preferred leg and get into the split position – Take your preferred leg forward with your knee straight and the back leg knee will be bent so that you shin will be resting on the ground and yours hands will be resting on the ground either side of your body.
  • 3. From that starting position you will slowly slide down into the splits taking your weight into your hands. Make sure you are not twisting your hips as you slide down you need to keep your hips square. Also if you cannot achieve the splits straight away always keep the weight in your hands and lift the back leg off the ground this way you will have more chance of pushing yourself a little further each week and achieving the correct technique.
  • 4. Now that you have started to slide into your split you will need to think about the correct technique. You need to make sure that your front leg is straight with your toes pointed and you back leg is straight with your toes turned under. Your hips should be square and your back should be straight with your chest up. Keep your hands beside you until you feel comfortable to take them off the floor.
  • 5. Practice, Practice, Practice – But don’t push yourself too hard. Remember that most people will be able to achieve the splits with lots of hard work and practice, but you don’t want to push yourself to hard so that you injure yourself at the beginning. When sliding into your splits remember to take it slowly and try pushing yourself down a little further each day.



Good Luck with your Splits!!

Don’t forget to post photos of your Splits on FAD’s Facebook page!!!


Chrissy’s Jazz Sequence of the Week – Double Pirouette into Right Leg Split!

If you have any topics that you want to read or know more about please email me at dance@fitnessanddance.com.au

Have a great week and Feel the Excitement of Cheer and Dance!




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