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Mon, 11 Jul 2016

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Below are the 5 main points of any Jump or Leap:

  • Always keep your head and shoulders up, dropping your head will drop your shoulders and your body forwards.

  • Use arms for momentum

  • Bend your knees in preparation; your toes must be the last item to leave the ground. You need to drive through your toes at all times throughout preparation and jump until just before landing.

  • Do drills for strength and flexibility.

  •  Drill jumping straight jumps driving through toes ensuring students don’t flex too early for landing.


When starting your Attitude Jump (which is sometimes known as a Double Attitude or Double Stag Jump) you need to make sure you are aware what position your body should be hitting in the air. To help achieve this position try doing it sitting on the floor so that way you have more of an idea what it should feel like in the air. The position you should be aiming to achieve is to have both legs forming a semi-attitude position to one side. There are a few different arm positions that you could use for your Attitude Leap, but the 2 main arm positions are 1. You can have you arms extended above your head or 2. Have your arms in an L shaped position.

When you are doing you Attitude jump there a few technique points that you should be concentrating on they are:

  • Point Your Toes – Make sure you have a strong extension through your feet on both legs to ensure you attitude position is finished off with strong pointed toes.

  • Back Up Straight – Make sure you keep your back up straight to ensure a nice body position in your jump.

  • Landing – When you are landing your attitude jump you should be bringing your legs down one at time to ensure a graceful finish to your jumps. Also make sure that you are bending through your knees and rolling through your feet on the landing to ensure that there is not a loud bang as your finish... It is not the nicest way to finish a beautiful and graceful jump :-)

Check out the video below to see a Attitude Jump being performed and the correct position!! :-)

If you have any topics that you want to read or know more about please email me at dance@fitnessanddance.com.au

Have a great week and Feel the Excitement of Cheer and Dance!



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