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Wed, 29 May 2013

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how to do a kip up!

Hi All Hip Hop Fans,


This week’s Blog is for you!! I am going teach you all how to do a Kip Up. A Kip Up is used a lot in Hip Hop as move to get off the floor. It should be a very effortless move but requires a lot of upper arm strength so it will take a lot of practice to perfect the Kip Up. :-) 


How to do a Kip Up:

  • Start by rolling back onto your upper back while bringing your knees to your chest and placing your hands on the floor beside your ears. Making sure that your fingers are pointing down towards your shoulders, if you have your fingers facing away from your shoulders or to the side you will never be able to get the kip up off the floor. :-)
  • From there you need to kick your legs directly up in the air them place your feet on to the floor never letting your hips touch the ground (once you roll onto your upper back, your hips should never touch the floor again). Once you feel the momentum moving upwards you need to then push through your hands to get your upper body off the floor.
  • When you feel the sensation of weightlessness you need to pull your legs down quickly onto the floor (See the ‘kick and place’ drill below) and the momentum will then cause the rest of your body to come upwards. When you are coming up try to snap your hands in near your knees to help control the end of the Kip Up.  

Drills to practice the kick position of the Kip Up:

The kick of the feet has to fast but controlled to be able to get up and not fall over while getting up or after the kip up. *All drills are performed in the Video below.

  1. Pump through the Kick: The beginning of the kick really needs to be a strong pump of the legs to try and get your hips higher of the floor – this needs to be an explosive movement to start the kip up, once you have the pump of the legs in the kick try the ‘kick and place’ drill below.
  2. Kick and Place: Without pushing through the hands yet its best to practice the strong kick practiced above then planting your feet into a bridge position. Start by rocking on your back then just kicking your legs in the air and placing them quickly onto the floor. Only place the balls of the feet on the floor, keep heels up and hips off the floor, to help draw your weight forward.


Check out the video below of the Step by Step Kip Up, Drills and then a complete Kip Up.

Have a fabulous week of Cheer and Dance, and tune in next week for some more exciting tips and tricks!! J

If you have any topics that you want to read or know more about please email me at dance@fitnessanddance.com.au

Have a great week and Feel the Excitement of Cheer and Dance!


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