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Mon, 11 Jul 2016

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cheerleading! how to hit a perfect stunt!

 ‘How to Hit a Perfect Prep Stunt!!’

A Prep Stunt can look absolutely spectacular if they are executed correctly and are strong and solid!

Use these tips below when doing your prep and it will look AMAZING!!

Remember that when you are doing any stunting you must be supervised by your coach.

Please make sure you do not stunt by yourself without supervision!


7 Tips to Hit A Perfect Prep!

  1. Starting Position: When executing your Prep make sure all the bases and the flyer start clean to give that neat and precise look to your stunt.
  2. Load in Position: When the flyer loads into the load in position you must make sure that the flyer has their legs and ankles squeezed together, we don’t want our load in position to look like a frog!! :-) The flyer must also be holding their weight through their arms. The flyers shoulders, knees and toes must stay in straight line while in this position. Side Bases must make sure that they are standing no further apart the flyers shoulder width... We don’t want the flyer in a split when they push up to prep!
  3. Pushing Up to Prep: When you are pushing up to a prep the bases need to keep the flyer’s legs together and the flyer will need to squeeze their legs to help. The flyer must hit a elevator position before sitting into a prep position.
  4. Correct Technique and Key Points for Side Bases: Bases are to be not any further apart than the flyers shoulder width. Bases are to bend through their knees together – correct timing should be practiced without the flyer to ensure that the bases are moving at the same time. Push up through the arms to pass through eye level (elevator) position than set back to rest arms at shoulder level. Hold your arms in close to the body to use the body as support. Don’t hold them out in front of the body.  Ensure the power for the stunt is coming from your legs not the arms – bases must dip through their knees.
  5. Correct Technique and Key Points for Flyers: Stay tight throughout the stunt. Once the push is initiated from the bases for the prep, flyers are to bring hands by their side tightly and lock knees out. Keep the hips forward and hollow – hollowing out the stomach. Squeeze thigh and buttocks together. Make sure flyer is looking straight forward, not to the ground – Looking down will tend to make the body lean forward. My favourite saying is ‘Look Down and Fall Down’ so Flyers make sure you keep your head and eyes Up!! :-) Pull up through your shoulders.
  6. Correct Technique and Key Points for Back Bases: Start holding the waist of the flyer. Grab the flyers ankles once they are in the load in position. Make sure you are control of the timing! You are the one that should be counting the stunt and ensuring that the side bases are using the same counts and timing. Once the flyer is in prep hold as high up the legs as possible
  7. Dismount: Bases and Flyers will use the same technique as they did for the elevator to prep but in reverse. The side bases pass the flyer through the elevator position and back down to load in.  Flyers must make sure that they are staying tight with legs locked in through the elevator back down to load in but as the bases are bringing the flyer back down to load in flyers will bend their knees and catch themselves on the shoulders of the bases. Back base will hold the ankles to control the timing of the sponge down once the flyer has started to come back down into the load in position the back base will grab the tops of the bases thighs to help control the landing.



Check out the video below to see and prep and all the correct positions! :-)


If you have any topics that you want to read or know more about please email me at dance@fitnessanddance.com.au

Have a great week and Feel the Excitement of Cheer and Dance!

Chrissy! :-)

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