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Mon, 11 Jul 2016

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how to hold that perfect handstand!! 

 ‘How to hold that perfect Handstand!!’

A handstand is the most common tumbling skill that is used in cheerleading and it is the base of many harder and more complex tumbling skills, like Walkovers, Handsprings and many more... So it is very important that you have a good handstand before trying to achieve any other skills.

10 Tips on how to Execute and Hold a Perfect Handstand!

  • CLEAN: Start and Finish in a Clean Position. This very basic tip is the thing that can make a very good executed handstand into a perfect handstand! If you start and finish clean the handstand will look BEAUTIFUL! :-)
  • LUNGE: You should be entering into your handstand through a deep lunge position with your preferred leg forward. The lunge is very important as it is what gives you the power to be able to push up into a Handstand rather than kicking your legs up crazy into the air. When you are in the lunge position you should have you arms straight up high, shoulders extended and head between your arms. The picture below is the correct lunge position you should be pushing up into your Handstand from

  • ARM POSITION: The most important part of the Handstand is how the arms go down into the handstand. Your entire upper body should lower to the floor and 1 strong and tight unit. Your hands should be shoulder width apart with your fingers open.
  • KICK UP: When you kick up into your handstand positions you need to make sure it is in one fluid motion with your back lead starting then you lead leg to follow. You should hit a vertical position with your body in a tight hollow body position.
  • EXIT: Coming out of your handstand you need to bring one leg down at a time starting with your leading leg (the leg that you take forward into your lunge position) Your body should return through all the same positions and return into a deep lunge position that you started in.
  • TECHNIQUE TIP 1: You need to make sure that you are locking your elbows in to make certain that you are not going to collapse through your arms.
  • TECHNIQUE TIP 2: Your head must stay between your arms throughout the entire skill. From when your arms are in the lunge position to start and then again to finish.
  • TECHNIQUE TIP 3: You must make sure that you are in a tight hollow body position and there is no arch in your back once you are in your Handstand. If you are in the correct position you should be able to hold your Handstand for as long as you want!
  • BE TIGHT: Make sure that throughout the entire skill you are keeping your body tight and solid. You need to make sure that you have a tight core and are really engaging all your muscles to be able to hold and perfect your Handstand. 
  • PRACTICE AND HAVE FUN: Make sure you practice, practice, practice!! :-)  Handstands are a great skill once you have them perfected, but most of all just have fun! 


Check out the Video below to see a handstand being performed!!! :-)

Why not post your handstand to the FAD Facebook Page!!! I would love to see them!! 


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Have a great week and Feel the Excitement of Cheer and Dance!



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