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Mon, 11 Jul 2016

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jazz kicks!! 

Hi All,

This week’s blog is for all our Jazz Students!! :-) I am going to be looking at 3 of the Different Jazz Kicks: The Straight Leg Jazz Kick, Lateral Kick and the Roundhouse Kick!

All kicks in Jazz have same basic technique requirements; it is very important to make sure you are using the correct technique in kicks to ensure you are achieving the lines and extensions needed throughout your kicks and also to make sure they look beautiful and graceful!! :-)


Below is the Basic Technique needed for all kicks!

  • Head up, Back straight with Shoulders pulled back

  • Hips Square

  • Supporting leg straight with knee locked in and the heel pushed into the floor

  • Kick leg straight with pointed toes

    Straight Leg Kick:


In your straight leg kicks your kicking leg will come up in front of your body in a high but controlled kick with a slight turn out at the hips.


Lateral Kick:

In your lateral kicks your kicking leg will come up to the side of the body in a high but controlled kick with the leg pointing more out towards the corner not directly to the side of the body.


Roundhouse Kick:

In your roundhouse kick the kicking leg will kick as high as possible in a fan motion starting inward and moving outwards.


If you have any topics that you want to read or know more about please email me at dance@fitnessanddance.com.au

Have a great week and Feel the Excitement of Cheer and Dance!



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