FAD Blog Launch: 5 Tips to a Perfect Toe Touch

Wed, 6 Mar 2013

FAD Blog Launch

5 tips to a perfect toe touch!

Welcome to the first edition of the FAD Blog!

The FAD Blog is a weekly blog packed full of Dance & Cheer Tips, How Tos and much much more. Improve those toe touches, excel at your pirouettes, learn how to pull a perfect scorpion or how to hold that hip hop freeze! I will be posting the blog every Wednesday on our FAD website so be sure to check it out.

In our first blog I thought I’d introduce myself. My name is Chrissy Sellars and I am the Training and Program Co-Ordinator for FAD. I’m responsible for Instructor training and cheer and dance program development here at FAD. I am also a Credentialed Level 5 USASF cheer coach and coach internationally competing dance and cheer teams.

I have been a member of FAD for 23 years and an instructor for 9. FAD is my life and passion and has become my family. I have the most rewarding job that anyone could have. I am extremely proud to be part of this wonderful organisation and would like to invite you to follow my blog so I can share my love and enthusiasm of FAD and Dance and Cheerleading with you!

This week’s blog...

5 Tips on How to do a Perfect Toe Touch!

1.       Keep your head and chest up – looking down will reduce the height of your jump

2.       Point your toes

3.       Try tilting your hips under in your toe touch to get your legs higher

4.       Snap your legs down quickly and land with a slight bend in your knees

5.       Practice, Practice, Practice 

A great drill if you’re just starting with Toe Touches is to grab a friend or your mum/dad and have them help you hit your Toe Touch!!

Get your partner to hold their hands out in front of them and place your hands on top – holding in a monkey grip (see picture below). Push off your partner’s arms as you jump into your Toe Touch. Using their support you can remain in the air a little longer allowing you to achieve the correct Toe Touch position... but make sure you take your legs to the side – you don’t want to kick your friends or mum/dad! 

The backyard trampoline is also a great place to improve your technique in the air.

Once your legs are hitting the straight horizontal position it’s time for the fun to begin and aim for the inverted/hyper-extended look! Tilt your hips under, while keeping your chest up and for a little cheat lower your arms slightly to get the ‘look’ that your legs are going higher! But you didn’t hear that cheat from me! 

If you have any topics that you want to read or know more about please email me at dance@fitnessanddance.com.au

Have a great week and Feel the Excitement of Cheer and Dance!


This is what your Toe Touch should look like.

Good Luck Practicing, Can't wait to see your Toe Touches on Facebook!

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