FAD Blog: Perfect Stretches for those Perfect Body Positions

Wed, 29 Jun 2016

FAD Blog: Perfect Stretches for those Perfect Body Positions!

Hi Everyone! Hope you have all been working on you leg flexibility from last weeks blog and are beginning to notice an improvement! This week is for all our cheerleaders out there. Flyer body positions are something that you will most likely come across in some of your cheerleading classes and often require a lot of strength, flexibility and body control. Today, we’re going to outline a few of the best stretches to help you achieve those perfect body positions.

The first stretch we are going to look at is the split. This is one of the most beneficial stretches as it helps improve all of the body positions outlined today. When stretching your splits, always make sure that your front leg has your knee and shoelaces up to the roof and your back knee and shoelaces down to the floor. Make sure both legs are straight and that you have your hands either side to support at the beginning. Always remember to stretch both sides!

Once you have achieved a perfect split, then start progressing to position specific stretches. When working on your heel or front stretch, from your split carefully take your chest down towards your knee and your face to the floor. Try and hold this position for 20-30 seconds. Remember that your stretches shouldn’t hurt, they should only by stretched to where it is comfortable.

To help stretch out your bow and arrow, try to achieve a full lateral split, and then start working on the progression. Once in this position, reach up with both hands, and then lean over to one knee, taking the opposite hand over the body to grab the arch of the foot, and the other shoulder to the floor.

The next few stretches are all to work on our back flexibility to help achieve our arabesques, scorpions and scales. The first stretch is simple and used for so many things in cheerleading – the bridge. Firstly, start on your back with your feet tucked in as far as they can and you hand on the floor beside your head with your fingers facing back towards your shoulder blades. From there, try to straighten your arms and legs at the same time. Without walking your feet outwards, try and straighten the legs and flex over the shoulders. Tucking your chin to your chest, carefully lower your upper back to the ground. After doing bridges always remember to tuck into a ball and roll back and forward to stretch your spine in the opposite direction.

For the second stretch to help with your back flexibility, start lying on your stomach, with your hands resting on the ground beside your chest. Trying to keep your hips on the floor, push your upper body upwards by straightening your arms. Try to keep your hips on the floor as best you can to get the most benefit from the stretch. Try to also keep your knees and feet together during the stretch.

Below is pictured each of the body positions we have discussed the best stretches for:

Heel Stretch

Bow and Arrow




These stretches will all help you achieve those perfect body positions which will get used not only in your cheerleading classes, but some dance classes also. Always remember to stretch both sides! The best flyers can pull their body positions on both legs! 


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