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Mon, 11 Jul 2016

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how to do a rear attitude dance fall

When you are doing any Dance Falls you will need to make sure that you build up the strength in your arms and chest to be able to catch and support yourself safely.

If you are unsure if you can catch and support yourself you will need to make sure that you start with the preparation drills and falls listed below.

We don’t want anyone breaking noses! :-) OUCH!

How to do a Rear Attitude Dance Fall:

Start by standing with left foot forward in a toe point. Step forward onto that left foot while swinging your right leg to the side and forward in a circular motion, giving the appearance of sweeping the other foot off the ground. You will then fall forward and catch with your upper body and onto the sweeping leg. You will then raise you left leg into the air as you are catching yourself to a rear attitude position.


Preparation Drills:

Start kneeling on your knees with your knees slightly apart. Slowly take your hands forward and fall forward onto your hands trying to resist against the fall so you can catch and help lower yourself to the floor rather than just collapsing through your arms and end up landing on your face. You will need to make sure that you do this quite a few times before attempting the Rear Attitude Fall to be sure you are confident with catching yourself after the fall.


Preparation Fall:

Instead of just going straight into the fall from standing, you should always do some preparation falls to ensure you know exactly what and when is happening in the fall. With this preparation fall you will be able to make sure that are placing your hands, feet and body in correct position without the chance of something going wrong and you ending up in a big pile on the floor! :-) Start by squatting down with your right leg out to the side then swing that leg around in a circular motion once it gets around towards the front you will then need to slide back on your left foot and lower your body towards the floor. This drill will imitate the motions that you will be doing in the complete rear attitude fall.


Make sure you check out the video below to see a demonstration of the Preparation Drills and the Rear Attitude Dance Fall! :-)


If you have any topics that you want to read or know more about please email me at dance@fitnessanddance.com.au


Have a great week and Feel the Excitement of Cheer and Dance!

Chrissy! :-)

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