FAD Blog: The Perfect Cartwheel - Step By Step Tutorial!

Wed, 29 Jun 2016

Hi Everyone! This week’s blog is for all our cheerleaders wanting to perfect one of the fundamental USASF Level 1 tumbling skills – the cartwheel.

To start the cartwheel, you should be raised up on your toes with your arms locked out and shoulders beside your ears.

Falling forward, you should take your dominant (or preferred) leg forward into a deep lunge. You should have a straight line from your fingertips right through to your heel. Arms should still be locked out with shoulders beside your ears.

From there you should push off your back leg while reaching forward with your arms, ensuring to maintain the straight line from fingertips to heel.

Your first hand should do a quarter turn so that fingers are facing to the right if performing a cartwheel with your right leg forward, and to the left if performing a cartwheel with your left leg forward. You second hand should continue reaching forward and should half turn so that your fingers are facing back towards your first hand.


Driving off your dominant leg, while keeping you legs split, your body should become in inverted with both legs straight and toes pointed. Be sure to lock your elbows out for the duration of the cartwheel

After you have passed through the inverted position, bring your first leg down and begin to pull your body upwards, ensuring to keep your arms locked out. Once your first leg is firmly on the floor, pull the other leg downwards returning back into a deep lunge position.

Once firmly back in your lunge position, pull your feet together and your arms by your side, finishing your cartwheel in the clean position.

Below you will find a video of a complete cartwheel following the above technique:


That outlines the correct technique for a perfect cartwheel. Always remember that when you beginning moving to more advanced tumbling, to always revise your fundamental tumbling skills to help keep your technique at its best!

Catch next weeks blog where we will be covering the Hip Hop trick "The Helicopter!"

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