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Kristy Morris Franchisee

Kristy Morris

I have been involved with Fitness and Dance for a total of 24 years, beginning as a very young student learning, performing, competing and progressing through to the stage where I am now a qualified Dance Instructor and Level 3 Cheerleading Coach. This is my 8th year operating Fitness and Dance Studios, and each year I have the wonderful experience of watching the growth and development of my wonderful students, some of whom have been part of Fitness and Dance for over 15 years.  

I originally started with two Studios one in Ipswich and one in Springfield.  As local interest and enthusiasm for dance increased, I expanded to having multiple studios in Ipswich, Redbank and Springfield.   The studios continue to grow in popularity attracting new students each term.  We now offer  37 classes to cater for increasing demand. 

With the introduction of Cheer classes, we now participate in both Cheer and Dance competitions throughout the year, achieving many awards; but more than that, the dedication and commitment of students and their pride at having achieved their very best at these competitions is one of my greatest rewards.
My own interest in both cheer and dance means I continue to learn new skills and teach these skills to students, encouraging them to “give it a go”.  The excitement and joy on a face when a new skill is achieved again encourages me with my desire to pass on my knowledge in the hope that enthusiasm is maintained.

I look forward to another amazing year at the Ipswich, Springfield and Redbank studios and invite everyone to ‘Feel the Excitement of Cheer and Dance’.

 Yours Sincerley

Kristy Morris - Studio Director

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