Siobhan Wilkinson <span>Franchisee</span> Siobhan Wilkinson <span>Franchisee</span>

Siobhan Wilkinson Franchisee

Siobhan Wilkinson

I am an experienced FAD Instructor and IASF accredited Cheerleading Coach. I have been in the industry for a total of 20 years, performing, competing and instructing.


 I am the Studio Director for the Wynnum and Victoria Point locations and have been teaching at the Wynnum, Victoria Point and Bayside Studios throughout the past 11 years.

 My goal for these studios is to develop the self confidence and dance ability of each and every student that comes to our classes and for each student to leave feeling that they have had a fun time and are a part of the FAD family.


Over the past 20 years, I have enjoyed seeing how FAD works and how close it brings everyone together. Being able to live your dreams and share that with many others around you is the most rewarding experience you could ever ask for.


 In the 11 years that I have been instructing, I have had the pleasure of watching many of the students I teach grow up into fantastic dancers and wonderful young people. Many of these students have gone on to compete in some of FAD’s elite dance and cheerleading teams. Seeing the passion for what they do, how much they have grown and the big smiles on their faces when they get dressed up and step on stage for the first time is such a rewarding experience.


 I am so happy and proud to be apart of FAD and am looking forward to welcoming many new faces to our wonderful family.

Yours Sincerely

Siobhan Wilkinson -Studio Director


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