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Bayside Studio - The Elliot Family :

Karen, Chrissy, Jake, Blake et al...you have given our children many valuable gifts which they will carry and use on their journey through life...you have taught them so much about teamwork, taking care of others, persistence, effort, getting back up when you have fallen and the importance of trying yet again, just one more time, to get it right. I know they will look back on their time spent in your company very fondly.

We, (Matilda & I) feel very privileged to be part of FAD. The successes achieved today are your successes too.

With gratitude and respect... 

Bayside Studio - The Murphy Family :

Just a quick note to thank you very much for the opportunity for my son, Benjamin Mazzuchelli to perform at the Charity Performance. Benjamin is in the Junior Hip Hop class. He joined FAD mid way through 2015 and he was reluctant to pursue dance but has stuck it out and was over the moon and so excited to be performing on Saturday. His coach Ben is really great with the kids and is full of encouragement. It was a real credit to Ben and the other children to be so 'performance ready' on Saturday.

 I want to congratulate you and the other coaches and staff of FAD Bayside for all your efforts. Everyone is so full of enthusiasm and it just amazes me how much time and effort the coaches put into coaching the younger children and then remember all their own dance routines.

 We're very proud to be associated with FAD Bayside and look forward to continuing our time with you all.

 On behalf of Benjamin, myself, my husband, Ben's Dad and step mother, we all thank you. It was a stellar performance.


  Anne Murphy



Bayside Studio - The Fuhrmann Harpur Family:

FAD Bayside Dancing in the Park Display - Fantastic Morning, all the performances were amazing. Perfect location, perfect weather and extremely well organised. Well Done FAD Bayside. 

The Copeland Family - Wynnum Studio :

I would like to extend to you, callum and the rest of your staff my gratitude for an amazing job that you have all done. The concert was awesome in addition to everything throughout the year. Ava loves FAD and I'm so proud of her. I really thank you all for all your efforts.



Bayside Studio - The Crisp Family :

All of the staff at FAD have been nothing short of wonderful but we really wanted to thank Andy for really going the extra mile with Summer-Skye! In any sport parents are always quick to criticise but often forget how meaningful and important positive feedback is too. It's nice as parents to see both our kids surrounded by great role models - especially as young girls so thanks to all of your team! 


Bayside Studio - The Mahony-Safely Family:

Thank you very much you all go above and beyond for your students and make every student feel special. 

Thank you so much for everything you and your staff have done for the girls, your studio and staff are absolutley fabulous! 

Bayside Studio - The McDonald and Middleton Family:

Thank you so much for everything you and your staff have done for the girls, your studio and staff are absolutley fabulous! 

Thank you very much you all go above and beyond for your students and make every student feel special. 

Centenary Studio - The Dew Family :

FAD communication is excellent with parents and I appreciate that we are always kept informed of what’s happening regularly. The extra little things that involved the children  like Easter dress up, giving out Easter eggs, lollypops, crazy hair day, colouring comps, etc all add interest and make dancing even more personable especially when the desk ladies and teachers are also supporting the theme.

Coorparoo Studio - The Barney Family :

Just wanted to drop you a line advising that my little one  Ashlyn is enjoying her cheerleading classes and is so excited every week to be attending.  I must also express how impressed I am with the set up in class.   I hope you have had a great  day and once gain thanks for the wonderful professionalism and expertise.

Coorparoo Studio - The Faraimo Family :

Thank You! We all had a great morning watching everyone at Dance Stars, then got teary eyed just watching her on her own for the first time :) Awesome event that was, everyone just looked beautiful, including the boys. Thanks again for an awesome weekend that we'll forever remember!

Coorparoo Studio - The Shergold Family :

Your professionalism with the girls is OUTSTANDING. I have really enjoyed watching your interactions with your students you are firm, but very fair! – A wonderful quality to have! Once again, THANK YOU for our wonderful dance experience

Forest Lake Studio - The Haimes Family :

Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness and care on the concert day last year. You went above and beyond to make my life that so much easier. You followed through with your promises to me and we were able to have a fantastic time at the concert. Not many children's organisations would be so gracious. I have raved about you to many and I congratulate you on the marvellous FAD team you have. 

Gold Coast Studio - Angela:

I would just like to say my friend and I were really impressed with your classes at William Duncan yesterday. The teachers seemed cheerful and enthusiastic, the kids loved it, it ran on time, the hall is a good venue, the marketing materials professional and the other parent I spoke to was very happy with her experience with you guys. We look forward to coming back next week. 

Ipswich Studio - The Clifford Family :

We just wanted to say how much we enjoyed the End of Year Concert put on by the FAD Studio at Ipswich which my Mum and I attended to see our Nieces/Granddaughters performance. We had a wonderful time and it is beaut to see what your group does to encourage these young ones in such a positive and enjoyable way. The girls involved in teaching at the Ipswich area did a fabulous job in my opinion with these young ones.  

Jaimee Pfeiffer:

Fitness and Dance has given me more confidence in myself. Performing at school fete's and festivals has been a whole lot of fun. Throughout my years at FAD I have meet many fantastic friends and have got many great memories. Fitness and Dance gives people a great opportunity to get out and get active while having fun at the same time.

Kirra and Caitlyn:

FAD is wonderful.  It has given us so many new and exciting opportunities.  the Instructors and other students are always happy and willing to help.  Fitness and Dance has improved our confidence greatly.  The fun performances, exciting dances and friendly people make FAD a great place to be!

Mitchelton - The Brennan Family :

We wanted to say THANK YOU for a great 2013 Carnival experience! It was just amazing to see all studios perform the same dances together! Soph said she had a great time performing and had fun while she was waiting to! You put a lot of hard work with the kids and it definitely pays off. Thanks for a great year so far Soph absolutely loves dancing and we look forward to many more years with you. 

Redcliffe Studio - Bennett Family :

I would just like to pass on how AMAZING both her teachers are, Stacey is so excited on Thursday's. They have brung my shy little girl in a confident and happy little girl. Thank You!!!

Redcliffe Studio - The Tuni Family :

FAD it so great it has improved our daughters fitness so much and has improved her dance ability heaps. She loves it and has been with FAD for 4 years now great job everyone :)

Shailer Park Studio - The Lewington Family :

The staff at Shailer Park FAD and the dancers are friendly, welcoming, and all about having fun! Two years ago I joined FAD at the Shailer Park studio, it was my first time dancing Jazz, and it has been a real blast! FAD Ladies class has been the perfect activity for me as a busy woman, as it combines fun and fitness.The weekly Ladies class provides an opportunity to forget about my commitments and take 45 mins out of the day to socialise and dance with the other ladies in the class. We have a great time joking and keeping fit at the same time! I would recommend it to any woman looking to do something for themselves.

Shailer Part Studio - The Beverley Family :

Seven years ago I made one of the best decisions I could have made for my beautiful daughter, enrolling her in FAD has brought so many positive and wonderful things to her life - it has firmly cemented the confidence and self worth that I have always wished for my children, it has provided the training and skill to make my daughter the talented dancer that she is today. This last year with FAD Shailer Park has been the best year so far, Linda you have done an incredible job creating a studio full of happy dancers who look forward to their dance classes each and every week and us as parents could not be happier with every single sector of the dance school - the costumes, teachers and admin staff are exceptional.  This dance school is filled with incredible mentors for young dancers - the competitive mentality that is associated with many dance schools, which causes nastiness amongst dancers and parents, is nowhere to be found - FAD is all about having a go and most importantly, Linda encourages her dancers just to have fun.  The training is there if your daughter really wants to enhance her dance skills, but if it just for fun and exercise, there is absolutely no pressure on the dancers to be elite dancers, as long as they are smiling, Linda is a happy dance school owner. The end of year concert was full of energy and excitement from the very first moment the curtains opened right until the closing of the curtains - can't wait for 2013 - thank you to Linda and her staff for providing such a positive fun filled dance school - I have no doubt when my daughter is older, her time with FAD will be an absolute highlight of her childhood".

Springwood Studio - The Gough Family :

Dear FAD team, thank you for a wonderful, exciting concert!  The joy and pleasure on the dancers' faces lit up the stage and made it even more enjoyable for the audience! Being involved in and watching the concerts are the high light of our dancing year with FAD.  Thank you all so much!  

Sunshine Coast Studio - The Dowling Family :

We just want to take this opportunity to let you know how fabulous the End of Year Concert was, We appreciate all your hard work and stress to make everything just perfect on the day. Thank You! 

Sunshine Coast Studio - The Radford Family :

Just wanted to say thank you for all the organising, lists, time, frustrations and smiles  that went into last night. I can appreciate something on that scale requires much planning  but once again Sunshine Coast FAD shone through and truly looked and danced the part.  Aimee thoroughly enjoyed herself and to be part of something so spectacular (especially as it was her first time) will stick with her . I had a big stupid grin on my face the whole time!! We just loved it.

 Thanks also to the instructors who are always so supportive and encouraging toward the girls.  

 Thanks so much – you do a wonderful job and work so hard and I just want you to know you are appreciated.

Sunshine Coast Studio - The Wain Family :

As always you and your team did a great job organising everyone on the weekend. Congratulations! Thanks for a great term! 

The Sunshine Coast Studio - The O'Sullivan Family:

Thank you so much for giving Alyssa a great year at dance! I've been singing FADs praises to anyone who will listen. Some reasons why i love FAD are: You're always so organised, You remember our names, Pay by the class, you can participate in performances, One-stop shop for all the gear, you hire costumes for the end of year concert and students can wear make up that they are comfortable with. 

Toowoomba Studio - The Cawkwell Family :

Thank you for a wonderful night, Britney just loved the whole night at the concert on Saturday. This being our first year joining FAD or any dancing group was just amazing. Britney's schoolteacher has seen a difference in her and commented on it last term. Britney's confidence was higher and she was getting involved in more things. She has really came out of her shell, so to speak. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication, as a parent I am very grateful.

Toowoomba Studio - The Richardson Family :

2010 was a great year for Millie thanks to Tonille and her team. The professionalism was incredible. Millie participated in a variety of events from the Toowoomba Show, Fetes, The Carnival of Flowers, FAD Inter Studio Carnival and the End of Year Concert. She was hesitant at first to perform and is now  "ready to go". Millie never missed a rehearsal or performance and I never had to fight with her to go.

I cannot express ow much Millie has grown, developed and gained a new found confidence from being involved with Fitness and Dance. I am always kept up-to-date with up coming events, information and newsletters and if I have any questions (no matter how small) the girls always answered them without concern. Millie has also made new friends and has wonderful role models to look up to with the older girls at the studio.

The organisation that goes into some of the events was unbelievable.  I always felt safety was at the forefront of every event. I am amazed at the ability to keep so many children, parents, families and friends organised and happy and "Oh What A Show" the Toowoomba team put on! 

I would like to express my deepest thanks to Fitness and Dance and especially Tonille for the fantastic job that you do! 

Wishart Studio - The Conomos Family:

Congratulations!  What a great concert.  A credit to you and your staff for making it fun and exciting.  It was great to see all the Dancers / Cheerleaders having such a wonderful time.  The music and routines were just fantastic!  I enjoyed myself immensely. This was Nicola’s 11th year with FAD (she started when she was 3) and she is still going strong and loving it.  I am so proud of her and it has been wonderful to see her grow into a beautiful young lady with a lot more confidence. Thank you again for the great entertainment that you bring into our lives which puts a great smile on all our faces.  It is absolutely wonderful to see our little ones grow up to be young beautiful dancers.